Leather or Stainless Steel?

Raymond Weil watchesThe two options you have for a watch band come down to leather or stainless steel. For some, the strap is an extremely important decision and could be a deal breaker, despite the watch face being gorgeous. Personally, I always purchase stainless steel because I find it more comfortable. But, both have their pros and cons.

With leather, you have a variety of color options. You can find everything from hot pink to neon green to plum purple. With stainless steel, it’s pretty much silver or silver. Of course, you can often find a band of gold or black running down the middle. (And, with ceramic becoming popular, there are other color options now.) Another advantage of a leather strap is that you don’t have to take it to a jeweler to be adjusted. I have tiny wrists so the moment I purchase a new Ebel watch, I go straight to a jewelry store for adjustments. Leather straps also allow you to change the strap so you can make an old watch look brand new.

However, leather can’t compete with the durability of stainless steel. Over time, the leather can easily become worn out but stainless steel will last you years, with just some minor scratches. They are also easier to clean and can match with any outfit you adorn.

You’ll find quite a selection of both styles, making everyone happy about his Ebel watch choice.

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