Bridging the Age Gap

Swiss Army watches for menOver the past two decades there has been a shift in the luxury watch world. As children and teenagers, we didn’t look at watches the way our parents did. To them, they were not only necessary timekeeping devices, they were an accessory. But while style was obviously important, it wasn’t at the forefront for them when making a purchase. As teens entered their twenties though, and fashion became more important to them, they began pondering ownership of a watch themselves. Until recently, however, many watch designs didn’t seem appropriate for adults in their twenties and thirties. Watches either seemed to be designed with our fathers still in mind or for preteens, making generous use of bright colors and plastic.

It was hard to find a luxury timepiece that was well suited for our younger fashion choices and that could fit our budget. Not every 25-year-old can afford a $5,000 watch. Heck, some can’t even afford a $700 watch. Watch manufacturers have finally taken these factors into consideration, creating watches catered towards a younger crowd. Popular brands now offer watches of excellent quality for a price tag that many young people can afford. Best of all, we don’t feel boxed into collections that don’t represent our current fashion choices.

Find luxury watches that meet both budget and style here at Wrist Clocks.

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Super Sale on the Swiss Army Air Boss Mach 4

Swiss Army watches for menAs if the discounts on men’s Swiss Army watches weren’t good enough, we here at Wrist Clocks decided to put a further sale on top of many luxury timepieces. Today we’re highlighting the Air Boss Mach 4 –a stunning piece to add to a man’s watch collection and a beautiful choice this summer. The mechanical watch truly shines with its bold black textured dial and silver tone hand and hour markers. The black is assertive against the brushed stainless steel case, providing a casual, yet still suave design.

Perhaps the most gorgeous feature is the brown genuine leather strap with cream stitching. The honey brown color offers a lighter touch against the dark dial. True to their other sport watches, this Swiss Army watch offers more than just the time. It has a subdial in place of a second-hand, a 24-hour military display, and a bi-directional inner rotating bezel. At the 12-o’clock hour is the Swiss Army logo, instead of the number 12. The back is transparent, creating a skeleton back if you will, showcasing the timepiece’s manual winding movements.

The list price of the watch is $1,350. Our normal price is $975 but for a limited time the watch is on sale for $690. A deal such as this won’t last forever, and neither will a timepiece of this magnitude.

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The Olympics and Sports Watches

Tag Heuer AquaracerWith the Olympics beginning at the end of the month, watch retailers are expecting a greater interest in sports watches. Of course summer just also happens to be the time when more people feel inclined to spend hours outdoors –at the park, beach, pool, etc. For obvious reasons time is crucial to the Olympics. Hence why they don’t just choose any brand to represent the games. This year the London Olympics are entrusting Omega timepieces to keep the games accurate.

Omega is even releasing a limited edition watch for the Olympics –the Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial London 2012. But Omega isn’t the only luxury brand known for quality sports watches. Here at Wrist Clocks we carry some of the other leaders in sports timepieces, such as Tag Heuer, Breitling, Ebel, and Longines watches. All are able to bring style and class together with precision timekeeping. A more upscale watch selection allows wearers to feel confident in a sports watch collection that stands above the rest.

From the Longines Admiral to the Tag Heuer Aquaracer, there is much to choose from. The hardest part is always narrowing down which of many will suit you best. Take advantage of wonderful discounts and enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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Longines Celebrates 180 Years of Watch Craftsmanship

longines watchThis year marks 180 years of fine watch craftsmanship at Longines. The Swiss-based company began in 1832 and is now sold in over 100 countries around the world. Known for their expertise and precision, Longines has become a brand associated with elegance, as well as a leader in world sports championships. Their technical research has been rewarded time and time again, no pun intended, building a reputation for winning the most awards in international and world exhibitions.

They became associated with sports as early at 1878, creating engraved chronographs for equestrian teams –which they still do now. As the years progressed, Longines watches became associated with other sports too, such as gymnastics, skiing, and tennis. Today they are part of the Swatch Group, the largest watchmaking group in the world. The modern timepiece, in general, has taken on a new look, servicing a different purpose for the modern man and woman with a shift to quartz movements. However, Longines watches continue to honor tradition and historical expertise with an increase in mechanical watch collections.

Wrist Clocks is proud to offer a unique selection of Longines watches for both men and women, at discounted prices of course. Celebrate 180 years of excellence by investing in a high quality watch from a distinguished leader in timepiece craftsmanship.

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Super Sale on Valentino Watches

If you’re looking for a new luxury watch for this season but aren’t looking to break the bank, go no further! We’re having a super sale on Valentino watches here at Wrist Clocks. Their collection of both men’s and women’s watches is both diverse and fashionable. Not to mention all of our watches are marked down, some for 80% off.

Take the Valentino Liason for example. This exquisite timepiece features a polished stainless steel case and bracelet. The dial is made of black mother-of-pearl and offers a textured center set with silver-toned hand indicators and Roman numerals, a simple and elegant design for any occasion. The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant, and the whole watch is waterproof up to 165 feet, so don’t be afraid to wear your Valentino watches on your trips to the beach and into the water this summer. We at Wrist Clocks have in the past offered this beautiful watch, which has a list price of $1,350, for as low as $675. But right now, for a limited time, we’re offering this classic timepiece for only $299. That’s a quarter of the original price!

Act fast, because this incredible deal on Valentino watches surely won’t last for long. Browse our incredible selection and sign up for our newsletter so you’re always on top of the latest deals.

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New Watch Brand from the Grandsons of Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil watchesHere at Wrist Clocks we take pride in our selection of Raymond Weil watches. They are beautiful luxury timepieces that both men and women enjoy owning and collecting. But last week the two grandsons of the famous Raymond Weil announced they are launching their own brand of Swiss watches, 88 Rue du Rhone. The watches are aimed at young adults, offering more affordable watches that are still classically designed. The prices will be lower than Raymond Weil watches, starting around $280 and going up to $1,000.

Co-founder Pierre Bernheim spoke of a mixture between classic elements and contemporary styles. He and his brother hope to close the market gap for young adults, saying the watches are somewhere between the sporty brand Tissot and the fashion brands of Michael Kors and Burberry. Inspired by a lack of watches for his recent graduate friends, Pierre wants to offer the younger generation a timepiece that doesn’t look like our father’s watch and at a price we can actually afford. What we’ll get is a Swiss-made watch that won’t hurt our wallets.

The two grandsons say they will continue working for Raymond Weil. The watches are due out in July in the UK and we’re excited to see what they have to offer.

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Give Dad a Luxury Watch

longines mens watchesIt feels like we were just celebrating Mother’s Day last week, but almost an entire month has passed. Father’s Day always seems to creep up on us and poor dads, they always seem to get forgotten about with all the attention on mom. Watches always seem to be ideal gifts for men, probably because men don’t wear as many accessories as women. So you’ll know dad will appreciate a piece of fine craftsmanship.

The Longines Conquest Chronograph, pictured here, is ideal for younger dads who want something sleek and simple. The beautiful polished steel reflects nicely against the contrasting black leather strap. It’s an exquisite watch for both business attire and everyday wear with casual outfits.

Families on a budget should consider Swiss Army watches for men. At just $369, the Swiss Army Alliance Chronograph is ideal for the dad who doesn’t need an elaborate watch. With a black dial and silver tone indicators and markers, dad will make a splash with this stylish watch.

And for the fathers who prefer modern sporty, look to Welder watches. Their large square faces are sure to catch the attention of every passerby. With so many designer watches to choose from at Wrist Clocks, there is the perfect watch for Father’s Day for every dad!

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Making a Good Impression

Raymond Weil watchesNot too long ago we discussed designer watches for graduation gifts. One idea we touched upon was college graduates needing a watch for interviews. Today we’ll delve a little deeper into that topic. Graduating college is both very exciting and very scary. Perhaps the college grad will be moving back home or he’s getting his own place, finally paying the bills. Either way, college grads will be sending out countless resumes and hopefully landing a handful of interviews.

In this tumultuous economy, if they can land an interview, they have to do everything in their power to nail it. You can’t go on the interview for them, but you can at least help them dress to impress. While their answers and mannerisms are going to determine if they get the job or not, that doesn’t mean they should walk in looking disheveled. Dressing in more formal business attire is key, but the small details matter. Girls should put on earrings and a necklace. And both men and women should be wearing a watch. If you’re lucky, the watch will catch the eye of the interviewer and maybe start a whole conversation. It’ll be hard to forget an interviewee after a lengthy discussion on Longines mens watches.

Give them a boost; make them dress the part with quality timepieces like Raymond Weil watches.

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Cool Stainless Steel for Summer

longines mens watchesThe summer heat hasn’t hit us quite yet, but we’re getting there. And when it does, people want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. Stainless steel watches are actually an ideal choice for the summer heat. Leather straps are great for the winter, but when it’s 90+ degrees out, that strap will just equal a sweat trap, especially if it’s a black or brown strap. Darker colors will absorb the heat and it won’t be long before you have a nice red outline on your wrist from the sticky strap.

Stainless steel straps will reflect the heat, giving your wrist a much needed break. In the winter, it can be painful putting on an ice cold watch, but in the summer, it’s nothing but relief. Also, summer is about bright colors and the silver tones will look stylish and laid back. Don’t be afraid to look for some funky colors when it comes to watch faces. But if you need a watch for work, stick with white and silver tones instead.

Find your next summer watch at Wrist Clocks. Choose from brands such as Valentino watches and Raymond Weil watches. Stay cool, confident, and most importantly stylish this season.

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The Ideal Graduation Gift

raymond weil watchesYou probably thought the gift-giving days were over with Mother’s Day but May and June are the two biggest months for graduations. College seniors are probably taking their finals as you read this, if they haven’t finished already, while high school students are counting down the final weeks until freedom. Luxury watches make a wonderful gift for both age groups.

Those in high school are getting ready for an entire new experience. They are finally starting to feel like adults and soon they’ll be living on their own for the first time and thinking where their future will take them. College graduates are heading out into the real world. Or if they’re finishing up grad school, they know what it’s like and they’re trying to take their career to the next level. Both can feel empowered with a designer watch on their wrists. Students setting up job interviews will want to look sharp, like they belong in the working force. People getting ready for the college leap will want to toss out all remains of childhood, including the cheap watch from the Happy Meal. It’s just not cool anymore.

With brands like Raymond Weil watches and Valentino watches, students can feel confident in their new endeavors.


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